Spinal Misalignment & Adjustmet


A misalignment is a condition that restricts a joint’s natural range of motion. Misalignments of spinal joints can be caused by muscle spasms, structural abnormalities, automobile accidents, athletic injuries or repetitive stressors. Misalignments can result in irritation and/or inflammation of the nerves, ligaments, tendons and muscles which can ultimately produce pain.

Symptoms of spinal misalignments can occur suddenly as the result of a trauma or they can happen slowly over time. Most of the time, they occur over a period of time due to stress, chronic muscle tightness or even after a bad nights sleep. Warning signs of spinal misalignment include Neck Pain, Back Pain, Extremity Pain, Headaches​

Spinal Adjustemnt

The purpose of the spinal adjustment is to eliminate painful interference with the nervous system and improve overall health and function. The doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute gently and effectively correct spinal misalignment(s) which enables the body to heal. Gentle spinal adjustments also boost your body’s immunity, which can result in more energy and vitality. 

Ignoring spinal misalignments can result in fatigue, muscular tightness and chronic pain. That is why it’s important to see a professional physician at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute.

To keep the body healthy and pain-free, routine spinal adjustments may be necessary. Engaging in regular exercise, maintaining ones weight and a proper diet are also vital keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

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