The purpose of chiropractic care is to manipulate the spine into alignment, restore joint function and eliminate pain. Your spine can come out of alignment due to stress and injury resulting from poor posture, long-term tension, a single traumatic event or other related occurrences. Spinal injury can eventually result in a misaligned vertebra-- which can translate to back and neck stiffness, arm and leg pain and headaches. 


Orthopedic & Neurologic Testing

The Comprehensive Wellness Institute uses neurological testing to examine the muscle strength within the body. By examining muscle strength a doctor can tell whether or not there is pressure on a nerve root coming from your spinal column. Muscle strength tests detect weakness and show where nerve roots are being compressed. During these tests, the doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute may ask their patients to perform a variety of tasks, including hip flexion, knee extension, ankle dorsiflexion, great toe extension, and plantar flexion power.


Stress Management

Stress management is learning how to deal with your stress and keep it under control by utilizing healthy coping methods. The doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute realize that everyone manages stress differently and that is why an individual plan tailored to your needs is an important aspect of treatment.

Stress that isn’t managed correctly can result in headaches, stomach pains, sleeping problems, illness and depression. Stress management is an active ingredient in promoting healthy lifestyles, and combined with chiropractic care, can lead to the full function of your body’s abilities. You don’t have to let stress take over your world, let the doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute find new relaxation techniques to calm and soothe your body and mind.


Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling involves the creation of a customized health program that best fits your individual needs. The doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute integrate nutritional counseling and research based on your medical history, current health issues and your dietary habits. Nutritional counseling fused with chiropractic care helps your body maintain wellness and results in: Improved sleep patterns ,Higher energy levels, Reduced pain symptoms, Increase in longevity, Strengthened immune system, Enhanced focusing abilities

Let the doctors at The Comprehensive Wellness Institute provide you with a happier and healthier lifestyle

By incorporating chiropractic care, stress management and nutritional counseling into your health management. Make an appointment with The Comprehensive Wellness Institute by filling out our online contact form, or just pick up the phone and give our friendly staff a call today.

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